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Planning Self-sufficency

Planning Self- sufficient

Stefano Soldati will lead the course in theory and practice

What is the design in Permaculture? Permaculture is eco-sustainable design; provides for the planning and integrated management of human and productive settlements in the territory; results in a sustainable, balanced and aesthetic environment. Permaculture has an essentially practical application: taking a cue from how Nature works we can apply it to a balcony, a small vegetable garden, a large plot, natural areas, as well as isolated houses, rural villages and urban settlements, without leaving aside personal relationships and social systems.

Objectives of the course: organize the future Eco Villaggio Gaia Terra according to the principles of permaculture to increase soil fertility and plan self-sufficiency (or tendency to …) with food production, water, soil, energy management, etc. Gaia Terra has 15000 square meters of agricultural land and 6000 square meters of forest and has already been made a small plant for the Food Forest that should expand in the years to come, this environment will be the object of the work of learning and planning the course. We will do design exercises and do some.

Stefano Soldati: Graduated with honors in Herbalism from the University of Urbino; since 1986 he has worked in alternative agriculture. Since 1994, he has traveled the world teaching organic agriculture, company management, and later, straw bale construction. He is one of the first four Italians to have graduated in Permaculture. He is a docent at the School of Sustainable Practices in Milan, the Ecovillages GAIA in Navarro (Argentina) and CAT in Wales (UK). He has developed design methods with Martin Crawford. He was the first person in Italy to offer courses for the creation of edible gardens and food forests; over the period from 2011-2017 along with his students he has built twenty-two

Cost: 160 € the fee includes membership fee, 3 days of teaching, educational materials, 3 lunches of the south, snacks.


Friday 11 May 11.00 – 19.00

Saturday 12 May, 09.30-19.00

Sunday 13 May, 09.30-16.00

Eating: at midday we will eat something fast on the spot. Who has problems of intolerances or allergies notices via email Debora. For the dinner on Friday night everyone is invited to bring something to share, the other dinners will be self-managed (we can organize on the spot to go and eat something nearby).

Sleeping: those interested in staying on site or nearby can directly contact Debora Sbaiz 3920607290 mail:

For more information and enrollment details contact Debora, Thanks!