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Our life on earth depends on relationships: with each other, with the territory, with the spaces we inhabit, with the products that feed us, with the objects that support our well-being. Without relationships our lives would be much poorer.

The 6 circles that make up the logo are constantly communicating with each other through the proposed activities, the central hexagon. The complexity of our lives is represented by these few elements that interact with each other and can give birth to hundreds of different combinations, all of which are sustainable!


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Why Gaia Terra Project?

Gaia Terra is a dream that is becoming a reality!
Gaia Terra was born from the will of a single person, now it is a shared dream, we are a group of heterogeneous people who through dialogue, confrontation and the method of consensus are growing in a community with a common goal.

Gaia Terra is a projects container, a forge of experimentation to create alternative possibilities to inhabit the low-impact planet:
– practice sustainable agriculture
– build with natural materials
– Educate to be critical in the things we buy
– live in a group to support each other
– feed consciously
– relate to the territory and protect the surrounding environment
– develop cultural projects
– to practice hospitality and cultural diversity.

Now people are coming from all over the world who want to realize this dream with us, ready for collaboration and exchange.

Gaia Terra is always open and ready to welcome others and the positive stimuli they bring! COME YOU TOO!!!


At Gaia Terra, we are trying to be virtuous, extracting an original type of insulation from waste! The corks and the smaller glass jars (such as those containing jam, condiments or sauces) will be used to insulate some meters of the building at ground level, and the process will be visible so that everyone can learn from our experience. Would you like to donate your waste? We would be happy to come pick them up! Your name and/or company name will be added to the list of SUPPORTERS of the GAIA TERRA PROJECT!


Gaia Terra will become a centre for sustainability and creativity, a place where people come to learn how to live in a “lighter” way on the planet. For this reason, we ask you to support the project with your time and your creativity! In order to give us an hour of your day or a day in your week, just contact us and we’ll get back to you. We thank you for your contribution to date.