Prossimi eventi

  1. Fervida di Tarassaco

    April 1 @ 16:00 - 19:00
  2. Trees For Future

    April 2 @ 10:00 - 18:00
  3. La Salute in un Prato

    April 8 @ 09:00 - 13:00



Designing a Food Forest

Designing a Food Forest with Stefano Soldati WHEN: 23-24-25 November WHAT: Food Forest is an agricultural system composed of trees, shrubbery, bushes,  climbing vines, and herbaceous perennials that produce fruit, leaves, flowers, roots and wood for use in cooking, in herbal remedies or as food for our animals. Reproducing what Nature does, we create woods [...]

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Hugelkultur and BRF

Cultivate with the chips of fresh branches (BRF) and with buried biomass (hugelkultur) Lead by Andrea Pavan WHEN: Sunday, April the 22nd. 9.30 - 12.30 (lunch) & 14 – 18 WHERE: Gaia Terra, via Petrarca 45, Flambruzzo - Rivignano (Udine) COST: 40 e., obligatory registration by writing a mail to WHAT TO BRING: Gloves, [...]

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Recognizing spontaneous herbs

Lead by Giusi Foschia ‘The Edible Garden’ specialized farm in the harvesting, cultivation and transformation of edible and medicinal wild herbs of the territory WHEN: Monday, April the 2nd, Pasquetta!!!!!!! Meeting at 10, closing at 13 and then.. pic nic!!! WHERE: Gaia Terra, via Petrarca 45, Flambruzzo - Rivignano (Udine) COST: 10 euro per [...]

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Planning Self-sufficency

Planning Self- sufficient Stefano Soldati will lead the course in theory and practice What is the design in Permaculture? Permaculture is eco-sustainable design; provides for the planning and integrated management of human and productive settlements in the territory; results in a sustainable, balanced and aesthetic environment. Permaculture has an essentially practical application: taking a cue [...]

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Group Process

WHEN: 15/4 - 20/5 - 17/6/2018 WHAT: Group process led by Manja Vrenko. We will use various techniques, including Dragon Dreaming, to dream together and share common goals, one of which is to form a core of people who want to carry out the Gaia Terra Project as promoters so that we can eventually register [...]

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