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Riccardo Menolotto

Debora Sbaiz

They say of me that I am a visionary, in reality I consider myself only a lucky woman who has been able to realize her dreams. The Dance / Movement Therapy and the Contact Improvisation were my first passions. These disciplines have given me the opportunity to help others and to listen to me through the body, the heart and the mind. Listening has led me to feel the uneasiness of today’s times and above all of the earth which is our home and our nourishment. Hence the irrepressible desire to do something to bring about change in people’s lives, a vision has been outlined on all: building an oasis of peace, a community that was the seed for a different society and in contact with nature . Here I am now to realize the GAIA TERRA PROJECT together with those who share my vision. The adventure has begun!


Damiano Nonis

From a very young age, the little Damiano was too exuberant, almost at the limit from being considered hyperactive, his spirit of autonomy was pushed to such an extent to prevail over the next. The school represented a cage that did not allow him a peaceful coexistence with himself and with others, these difficulties attracted him to such an extent that he did not want to go any further.
Curiosity and love have led him to take an interest in the protection of nature and the rights to health.
Perhaps the only common element of all life is love and attraction to the highlands where it finds a beautiful metaphor for life and the practice of freedom.
Everything seemed much clearer and more beautiful when he met the project Gaia Terra promoted by the illuminated Sbaiz in its many aspects but above all in its innumerable potential, giving a new and much wider sense to the present and the future.4

Riccardo Menolotto

Equity, harmony and social justice bring me in Gaia Terra. Before arriving I approached and interested in trade union relations, political activism and social promotion associations which allowed me to grow the awareness that it is from what you put in the shopping cart and the daily actions are the most effective to orient me towards sustainable development. In Gaia Terra I found motivated people with whom I share the vision and, finally, I have the opportunity to put into practice what I have learned to date and I will learn tomorrow.



Daniele Scurti

Personal Assistant for Physically Disabled, Event Planner, Stained Glass Maker, Beekeeper, Ex-IT Consultant, and Ex-Parachutist. He has collaborated in the realization of some Erasmus+ Youth Exchanges and European Solidarity Corps project (ESC) in Gaia Terra.

25 years of Yoga, 20 of dance, 10 of martial arts, he taught dances of the European contemporary tradition (Balfolk) and Yoga, facilitates various disciplines related to body awareness, expression and non-verbal communication.

He is passionate about Sociocracy and the Way of the Circle. At the moment in Gaia Terra he is in charge of the kitchen together with Debora and helps in the management of events and volunteers.

“One of the treasured aspects of my life has been taking the time to travel (several countries and Rainbow gatherings, some Ecovillages). This is how I had the opportunity to know, learn and develop some of the things I love most.

What brought me to Gaia Terra was the desire to be rooted, to put myself at the service of an ambitious project, together with people I’ve come to know and who have become dear to me. It’s no longer me who travels the world, but the world itself that passes this way. I carry within me the conviction that to improve society it is necessary to improve ourselves, our relationship with others and with the planet. For me, the Gaia Terra Project is an incubator of peace”.