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Debora Sbaiz

They say of me that I am a visionary, in reality I consider myself only a lucky woman who has been able to realize her dreams. The Dance / Movement Therapy and the Contact Improvisation were my first passions. These disciplines have given me the opportunity to help others and to listen to me through the body, the heart and the mind. Listening has led me to feel the uneasiness of today’s times and above all of the earth which is our home and our nourishment. Hence the irrepressible desire to do something to bring about change in people’s lives, a vision has been outlined on all: building an oasis of peace, a community that was the seed for a different society and in contact with nature . Here I am now to realize the GAIA TERRA PROJECT together with those who share my vision. The adventure has begun!

Andrea Bitai

I grew up in Budapest during the last period of socialism. In a reality characterized by the contradictions between the despotic regime, even if now weakened, and a strong social attention to art and culture that allowed me to study music and to participate in the movements born of the fall of the Berlin Wall.
So it was with music that I could travel and learn about different cultures. I worked 3 years in the Persian Gulf in contact with people all over the world.
The love for music that brought me back to Budapest to study the management of both social and cultural events.
Still with the music I arrived in Rome for a concert where I met my partner Paolo with whom I live from the beginning of the new millennium sharing the fate of a winery in which we are committed to using all the natural management techniques with help from our daughter Francesca who was born in 2005.
Gaia Terra for me is the place where all my interests come together: art, sustainable lifestyles with special regard to social and natural agriculture.

Paolo Nitti

After all the shocking seventies, marked by the new ideas of libertarian movements and disappointments following those times, in the early eighties when I left Florence as a young goldsmith apprentice to find me working in the mining areas of Brazil I could never have imagined that the main Brazilian television would have bought an Italian television network and that just a few years later I would have been hired to edit the news.
Just like fifteen years later in the nineties, I could never have thought that at the death of my father, with whom I had never otherwise agreed, I would have renounced my career as a director and television author to whom I had dedicated myself with great passion for taking over the winery that he had created and that he had left me.
For these reasons today I am not surprised to find myself in the most incredible eco village project ever thought of before in Friuli with the strong desire to live this new and fantastic adventure.

Damiano Nonis

From a very young age, the little Damiano was too exuberant, almost at the limit from being considered hyperactive, his spirit of autonomy was pushed to such an extent to prevail over the next. The school represented a cage that did not allow him a peaceful coexistence with himself and with others, these difficulties attracted him to such an extent that he did not want to go any further.
Curiosity and love have led him to take an interest in the protection of nature and the rights to health.
Perhaps the only common element of all life is love and attraction to the highlands where it finds a beautiful metaphor for life and the practice of freedom.
Everything seemed much clearer and more beautiful when he met the project Gaia Terra promoted by the illuminated Sbaiz in its many aspects but above all in its innumerable potential, giving a new and much wider sense to the present and the future.4

Maurizio Corazza

I want to describe myself so looking at the beautiful things in life, that’s how I’m always done in a positive way because every problem is always a solution and never give up. I want to describe myself in 3 words: A FREE SPIRIT, a bit oppressed by this system but always in search of freedom which is one of the most important values ​​for me besides my family (wife and son).
I want to describe myself creatively, madly, jokingly but sometimes very thoughtful and thoughtful. I want to describe myself for my unconventional and unbounded being, you have material goods but, on the contrary, the values ​​and emotions that a person can transmit to me. I also want to describe myself for my spirit of adventure that I never miss and that leads me to see magnificent places. I want to describe myself with my flaws, sometimes a bit ‘careless, sometimes stubborn. This is me, I have not yet understood what I’m looking for but I think I’m taking the first steps and I think in the right direction, the rest is all to be discovered and tested.

Riccardo Menolotto

Equity, harmony and social justice bring me in Gaia Terra. Before arriving I approached and interested in trade union relations, political activism and social promotion associations which allowed me to grow the awareness that it is from what you put in the shopping cart and the daily actions are the most effective to orient me towards sustainable development. In Gaia Terra I found motivated people with whom I share the vision and, finally, I have the opportunity to put into practice what I have learned to date and I will learn tomorrow.