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Hugelkultur and BRF

Cultivate with the chips of fresh branches (BRF)
and with buried biomass (hugelkultur)

Lead by Andrea Pavan

WHEN: Sunday, April the 22nd.
9.30 – 12.30 (lunch) & 14 – 18
WHERE: Gaia Terra, via Petrarca 45, Flambruzzo – Rivignano (Udine)
COST: 40 e., obligatory registration by writing a mail to

WHAT TO BRING: Gloves, boots, shovels, spades and something to share for lunch


Environmental educator, graduated in Land and Environment Social Management from the University of Trento. He deals principally with human sustainability and new agricultural practices, teaching in schools and agricultural companies, groups and associations. In this context, he also develops agricultural equipment made from recycled materials. He works in the field of Permaculture, designing self-sufficient and resilient systems, experimenting with nutritional self-sufficiency and self-production.
His personal studies and tastes have lead him to make life choices aimed toward personal and familial resilience. This means managing in part to disengage from the market system that leads us to sacrifice our own lives in a race towards the useless accumulation of material things. This also means returning to making things with our own hands, becoming more self-sufficient in a world that is changing rapidly and not for the better. This means creating a network with the people around us, strengthening the bonds of good neighbours, involving the socioeconomic fabric of the land.