Prossimi eventi

  1. Fervida di Tarassaco

    April 1 @ 16:00 - 19:00
  2. Trees For Future

    April 2 @ 10:00 - 18:00
  3. La Salute in un Prato

    April 8 @ 09:00 - 13:00

Group Process

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Group Process

WHEN: 15/4 – 20/5 – 17/6/2018

WHAT: Group process led by Manja Vrenko. We will use various techniques, including Dragon Dreaming, to dream together and share common goals, one of which is to form a core of people who want to carry out the Gaia Terra Project as promoters so that we can eventually register as  an Eco Village in the Italian network RIVE!

WHERE: via Petrarca 45, Flambruzzo (Udine).

COSTS: Following our goal to nurture group spirit and collaboration, the meetings will be self-managed and the costs of the facilitator and the meeting place will be split by the number of participants.

MANJA VRENKO: Born in 1967, I have lived a life full of changes, following different vocations in various places. Among other things, I have been a tour guide and a tour and events manager. I owned a company for the research into the use of the principles of quantum physics in the fields of health and well-being.

I live in Slovenia in a rural area near Koper in a sustainable center that I established with a group of friends in 2014. We live together in ‘luxurious simplicity’ as we call our lifestyle. In the center we organize courses and events connected to sustainability and personal growth. We also offer a place for groups that need facilitated events and meetings. In 2010 I completed the Gaia Education Design for Sustainability course, in 2011 I did the Permaculture course and in 2013 studied to become a Permaculture teachers. I am active in the Slovene Permaculture Association, Transition hub Slovenia and I represent Slovenia’s Ecovillage Network in Global Ecovillage Network.

I am a facilitator of Dragon Dreaming, a participative approach to group projects. During the years 2015-17 I have been part of an international project CLIPS – Community Led Project Incubator for Sustainability that intends to accompany new groups through the development process and help them overcome the common challenges that most groups encounter on their path. In October 2017 I participated in a training for Transition Network trainers who intend to lead groups in the development of local resilience.