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Designing a Food Forest

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Designing a Food Forest

Designing a Food Forest with Stefano Soldati

WHEN: 23-24-25 November

WHAT: Food Forest is an agricultural system composed of trees, shrubbery, bushes,  climbing vines, and herbaceous perennials that produce fruit, leaves, flowers, roots and wood for use in cooking, in herbal remedies or as food for our animals. Reproducing what Nature does, we create woods (or gardens) that will soon become self-sufficient, very productive and extremely beautiful. With the valuable contribution of Stefano Soldati, who will lead the day’s work, and Andrea Pavan, manager of the agricultural area for Gaia Terra.

WHERE: Gaia Terra, Via Petrarca 45, Flambruzzo (Udine)

COST: 160, including 3 meals, for more info please contact me at


WHAT TO BRING: gloves, boots, shovels, picks



Graduated with honors in Herbalism from the University of Urbino; since 1986 he has worked in alternative agriculture. Since 1994, he has traveled the world teaching organic agriculture, company management, and later, straw bale construction. He is one of the first four Italians to have graduated in Permaculture. He is a docent at the School of Sustainable Practices in Milan, the Ecovillages GAIA in Navarro (Argentina) and CAT in Wales (UK). He has developed design methods with Martin Crawford. He was the first person in Italy to offer courses for the creation of edible gardens and food forests; over the period from 2011-2017 along with his students he has built twenty-two.