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Workshop with Sainkho Namtchylak



We are happy to invite you to the three days of workshop, that will be April, 26/27/28 2019 at the ecovillage Progetto Gaia Terra in Flambruzzo (Rivignano-Teor), via F.Petrarca, 45 (UD-Italy).

Sainkho Namtchylak works from years as a teacher to transmit her capacities and vocal abilities. The workshop is dedicated to everyone wants to experience and improve his own voice, with new tones of voice, sounds and vocal extensions, typical of the Siberian sciamanistic tradition. There will be time to talk about the performance and movement on stage, related to the terapeutical aspect of the sciamanistic chants. (see: Contents of the lessons).


Sainkho Namtchylak

who lives in Vienna today, she was born in a village in southern Siberia on the border with Mongolia, in the former Soviet republic of Tuva: father and mother teachers and nomadic grandparents. After completing in Moscow a classical musical education begun at the conservatory of his city, he enriched it with studies on Siberian, shamanic and Lamaist traditions. He collected his first successes with the Tuvan Folk Ensemble, then, with his companion Ghera Popov, began to bring out the Russian borders songs collected under the title “Out of Tuva”. An inextricable complex of traditional ethnic elements fused with the most disparate modern styles.

Entirely interwoven with light, space and time, the voice of the Siberian Sainkho Namtchylak has tonal characteristics that make it unique. Clear as spring water, ranging from acute to the most severe with a prodigious extension, it acquires a singular intensity due to sudden changes in vibrations, alternating transparencies in dense and dark tones and with a stunning effect, it is emitted with a double emission of tones joined together by a harmonious link. The performance of this artist, who is usually accompanied by traditional instruments of his land (tabla, duduk, small violin, harassment), double bass, up to the most sophisticated technologies (synth, drum machine) is an interweaving of tradition and modernity, a journey that draws on Siberian and Mongolian popular musical roots through sounds of yesterday and today.

One wonders what vocal organization is at the base of the sound world of Sainkho, to what depth of the unconscious he draws to translate in song the murmurs of the wind in the forests of birches and firs, the extensions of the tundras, the frost of the winds, the voices of animals, evoked with funny grace, and what relationship has its voice with light, space, spirit, transcendence.

“The young people address sounds so ‘remote – says the singer – to make it clear that there are no incompatibilities’ in the music, that there are other sounds’ in addition to those deaf that usually invest them, to remember that music can bring harmony and united and to prove that the past can be grafted into the future “.

His voice jolts constantly, plays with improvisations, passes from celestial harmonies to shrill harshness, comes out of the nose, throat, bowels. Yet it supports the sound with very bold balances. But how do you get to these tonal acrobatics? “It takes study and a lot of strength, but it’s only vocal technique, you learn and you can teach”.

Translated by “Sainkho – Dalla Siberia con passione” – di Mirella Caveggia





April 26th, 2019 Friday

4.30 pm meeting of the participants in the spaces of Progetto Gaia Terra

5.00-9.00 pm Workshop with Sainkho

April 27th, 2019 Saturday

10.00 am-1.00 pm Workshop with Sainkho

4.30-6.30 pm public lesson with Sainkho on the theme: “Singing Culture in Tuvan Tradition of Central Asia”

9.00 pm Sainkho’s performance

April 28th, 2019 Sunday

10.00 am -1.00 pm Workshop with Sainkho

3.00-5.00 pm Workshop with Sainkho

*all the lessons will be in English Language


– Shamanistic Aspects of Voice Improvisation. History and Modernity.

– Singing and Moving. Performative Art in Voice Improvisation.

– Aspects of Therapy and Performance on stage. Which is The Difference.



There will be the possibility to sleep and eat near Progetto Gaia Terra or inside of its spaces. For info related to the several possibilities, prices, particolar necessities, we ask you to contact us by phone or send us an email:

For every FAQ concerning the artistic part of the workshop, please contact Elisa, co-organizer:

0039 349 5000652


The workshop is organized by the ecovillage “Progetto Gaia Terra”,

in collaboration with:

Creative Voice Lab – Ad Alta Voce

FB: ZUEllis Elisa Ulian

Spazio Sociale Tai-Gjai /Tepee Tal Parco

FB: tepee.talparco


This will be a Zero Waste event.

You can experience, as a participant, the sustainable way of life of a commuity living in an ecovillage.

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