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Dancing the new Space – Contact Improvisation Jam

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Dancing the new Space – Contact Improvisation Jam

Dancing the new Space – Contact Improvisation Jam

When: Friday 22nd – Saturday 23rd and Sunday, June 24th, with the possibility of arriving a few days before and/or go away a few days later.

On Saturday at 6pm there will be Carla Marazzato and her group of Venice for a dance performance: Malum.

The jam open to everyone will start at 18.00 on Friday and will end at 17.30 on Sunday

Where: Gaia Terra, via Petrarca 45, Flambruzzo-Rivignano (Udine), FRIULI

What to bring: tent, sleeping bag, towel, torch, desire to adapt and stay in the wild!

COST: 20 e., obligatory registration by filling in the FORM

I am pleased to announce the first Jam of Gaia Terra! Inaugurating the new dance space that has already been built at zero cost with collective work!

The management of the event will be carried out with the collaboration of FVG Contact Improvisation, Gaia Terra E.. You!! For this we can say that the event is self-managed and it is appreciated your presence even from Thursday so you can work together and prepare the space, the food and everything we need to create an event as we want! For the management of meals we will turn to prepare simple vegan meals, the food will be provided by the organization! There will be a scoreboard to collect activities proposed by those who want to contribute spontaneously to the creation of the program of the three days.


Idea by Carla Marazzato

Sound Editing: Luca Ferraris

Performing: Alessandro Affabris

Annapaola Passarini

Arianna Villa

Elisabetta Tiveron

Federica Chiuc

Sara Lonardi

Silvia Barbon

Silvia Costantini

Silvia DaLio


MaluM in Latin means apple but also bad. The image of the tree of good and evil has accompanied all the work. The fruit of sin, the lust to possess, the need to prevail, to have power, but also purity, choice, desire.

Attraction with and against. Attraction/repulsion of a body only in space, more bodies in space and bodies with other bodies. What are the forces that move us? We looked for time zero. Within the time, which shortens and lengthens there is always a force of attraction: even in the immobility there is an internal movement, almost imperceptible. Attraction and repulsion are part of life, elements of being connected with the whole. Good and bad, love and hatred. Emotions. desire to have space, to exist, to show themselves, to love and to be loved, to stay close. Hunger for Conquest, by seduction or by force, afraid to face the fight, anger, pain.

What kind of presence does the body of the performer have in a situation where the attractions and repulsions continually change? How to constantly stay inside and survive these conflicting forces?

MaluM is the game of human sentiments, where participants act in a structure with fixed rules. The performers try to stand in a concrete and authentic way in a situation that continually creates and destroys itself, unexpectedly and every time new, seeking within themselves the presence suited to the challenge. Who will win?