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25 – 26 May 2019

Dancetherapy between East and West and Classical Chinese Medicine
Speakers: Elena Cerruto, DMT APID Supervisor
Monica Curioni, Tuina and Shiatsu Practitioner

The foot: the root that nourishes the dance

The step that leads to the world from Taoism to the present, with elements of MTC, anatomy and physiology, somatic education (Feldenkrais® Method)

Proposing a movement practice in the context of Gaiaterra opens reflections that refer to the origins of what we can call dance, regenerating movement, concrete and experiential spiritual practice.

Already in Isadora Duncan the importance of the connection with nature is clear because “there is no movement in dance that is not present in nature” but here it is not only a matter of inter-connecting, of inter-being, but of working in a special context.
Building together a movement that is a rooting act in a land where every gesture is based on awareness. The foot leaves traces and here you will walk steps that leave clean footprints. The air we breathe is the same for everyone and breathing with awareness is a true ecology of the body-mind.

The reference to the Taoist philosophy calls for a thought that bases its models on the observation of natural phenomena, to understand the laws regulate the harmony of the universe, to know them not to act on them but to take them as a rule of life and of relationships in an ideal society.

The elements of Classical Chinese Medicine help to decondition the relationship with the world: a pattern in which the human being is not separated from “nature” but is completely part of it as an expression of the eternal energetic exchange Heaven/Earth that is reflected in a continuous reference microcosm-macrocosm.

To whom it is addressed: to those interested in deepening ecology and economy of thought and movement that is not limited to an intellectual understanding, but becomes experiential knowledge.

Basic program:


9/ 10.30pm meeting participants: circle, zazen and kinhin (zen walk) in nature.


9/11: DMT between East and West, 11/13: discover the foot (with anatomy elements).
3/5pm: DMT,
5/6 pm: Taoism, a practical philosophy.

Open evening for a presentation of the dance therapy created with anyone who brings interest. You can browse through Elena’s new books, listen to her story or breathe some gesture together.


9: 00-11: 30 DMT and birthday Isadora;
Isadorian coffee break
12: 00-1: 00pm Traditional Chinese Medicine
1: 00-2: 00pm Final dance
Deadline at 2:00 pm to allow comfortable re-entry, in case you can stay up until time to decide).
Cost: 120€ only stage (you can pay money transfer or directly at the teacher)
Full board and accommodation: 70€ (directly to Gaia Terra)

For info and enrollment: elenacerruto@gmail,com

For more information on overnight stays, food intolerances or indications on how to reach Gaia Terra:


DMT APID and Supervisor. Choreographer and Dancer; trained as a modern and classic dance in Paris between 1974 and 1980. Her method Dance Movement Therapy between Est and West is devised within the context of the Italian DMT and it’s reported in a number of publications. Her method merges the western scientific discoveries in the fields of neurosciences with the cosmological dimension of Chinese Medicine. 
A certified Shiatsu therapist, she regularly attends update courses in traditional Chinese medicine with Elisabeth Rochat de La Vallée and Claude Larre, (Ecole Européenne d’Acupuncture).
She studied dance/movement therapy in Italy and in Argentina with Maria Fux. 
Second Level Master at the Sorbonne Paris V Art-therapy faculty, Major in Dance (2013). 
She practices dance/movement therapy both with children and adults, blinds and psychiatric patients in various hospitals. 
Since 1995 she is the director of a training program of dance/movement therapy recognized from APID in 2001.
A ritmo di cuore, la Danza Terapeutica, Xenia Ed. 1994
Metodologia e pratica della Danza Terapeutica. Danzamovimentoterapia tra Oriente e Occidente. FrancoAngeli Ed. 2008
No ritmo do coraçao. PHORTE Ed. Sao Paulo, 2009
La Danza degli Elementi Red! Ed. Milano, 2017
Metodologia e pratica della Danza Terapeutica. Danzamovimentoterapia tra Oriente e Occidente. FrancoAngeli, new updated Edition, 2018.


Practitioner and teacher in bio-natural disciplines since 1992;
previously she deals in Shiatsu, then in Tuina and since 2017 is a
Teacher in Feldenkrais® Method.
As a teenager she practices Judo at a competitive level, from there
her curiosity for Far-East culture and practices has developed.
She later studied Shiatsu, Traditional Chinese Medicine
and Tuina following courses and seminars in Italy, France and China (PRC).
At the Feldenkrais Institute of Milan she continued his research.
She consider the body (and life) as energy in constant change:
to sharpen the understanding of the movement he practiced Aikido,
Kendo, Taichi, Qigong, Aijutsu and Shodo (extreme-oriental calligraphy).
She lives and works in Milan; has been collaborating for over 10 years
with Xiaoxiao,a Tuina clinic for children;
and collaborates with some associations, schools of Tuina
and with the school of DanzaMovimentoTerapia Sarabanda.

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