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  1. Fervida di Tarassaco

    Aprile 1 @ 16:00 - 19:00
  2. Trees For Future

    Aprile 2 @ 10:00 - 18:00
  3. La Salute in un Prato

    Aprile 8 @ 09:00 - 13:00

Trees, shrubs and small fruits

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Trees, shrubs and small fruits

Planting techniques and subsequent management


Main topics:

  • Choice of nursery material
  • Planting and tutoring
  • Fertilizers and soil improvers
  • Mulching or ground cover
  • Irrigation
  • Control of the main parasitic adversities


10.00-12.00 theoretical part in the classroom
2.00 pm – 6.00 pm Practical part with a visit to the Food Forest (observation and interaction)


€ 35 per person also includes lunch

What to bring:

Material for taking notes and garden clothing

The teacher:

Mauro Flora was born in 1974 in Montebelluna, lives in Trevignano (TV) and graduated in Agrotechnics.
After an initial period of apprenticeship in a cooperative and in an agronomic study, he became a freelance consultant as a consultant for the green area and has made his work a real life style.
Around 1990 he began to take an interest in natural cultivation, changed his diet, became a vegetarian and later vegan.
After graduating in Agrotechnics, he began to get interested in the phytoalimurgical species, which is still widely consumed.
Mauro pays particular attention to training as natural as possible of people who want to self-produce fruit and vegetables, teaching that it is possible to obtain a good and healthy production respecting man, animals, insects and all the organisms that surround us.
Moreover, with great passion, he has contributed to some vegetable garden projects in the schools and Pediatricians of Castelfranco and Montebelluna, to make children love these themes, even in the form of games. He works mainly in Veneto, dealing mainly with the design and management of green areas through the use of techniques with low environmental impact and in synergy with nature.
From January to May 2016 he participated in the Modular Course on Permaculture Design – PDC 72 hours held in Limana (BL). As a hobby, he loves working wood and knowing its characteristics and properties, to make small objects in common use (ladles, spoons, games for children, etc.).

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