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Voice-Motion Laboratory

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The course will be activated with a minimum of 15 participants. Info and reservations by 31 May 2020

The study of the internal space in movement and sound. Master very unusual voice sound methods and expand the range of voice and intonation through khoomei and vocal improvisation.

Singing culture in the Central Asian Tuvan tradition (connection with women, tradition of singing culture and modernity)

Shamanic aspects of the history and modernity of vocal improvisation

Sing and move. Performative art in vocal improvisation. Appearance of therapy and performance on stage. What is the difference



9: 00-11.00 arrival of all students

11: 30-13.00 Workshop

13.00 lunch

14: 30-18.00 Workshop

Something light to eat and drink

19.00-21.30 rehearsals for exhibition

Dinner at 9.30pm


9.30-13: 00 workshop

13.00 lunch

15.00-16.30 workshop

18: 00-19: 30 tests

Something light to eat and drink

21:00 show with the audience

Maximum audience 150 seets


9.30-13: 00 workshop

13.00 lunch

15.00-16.30 workshop

TYPE OF EVENT: Singing workshop
WITH: Sainkho Namtchylak
AIMED AT WHO: members of the Gaia Terra APS project, you can renew or sign the card with € 5 on the day of the workshop

WHAT TO BRING: A small mirror and a mug for tone singing training. The cup can be any material except wood and plastic, medium size.

COST SUMMARY: € 180 for those who register by May 31 then € 200
Participants are invited to share community life with the members of the Progetto Gaia Terra APS. A contribution will be requested for this.

Sainkho Namtchylak

Sainkho, who now lives in Vienna, was born in a village in southern Siberia on the border with Mongolia, in the former Soviet republic of Tuva: father and mother teachers and nomadic grandparents. After completing a classical musical education in Moscow that began at the conservatory of his city, enriched with studies on Siberian, shamanic and Lamaist traditions. He collected his first hits with the Tuvan Folk Ensemble then, with his companion Ghera Popov, he published a book out of Russian borders songs collected under the title “Out of Tuva”. An inextricable complex of traditional ethnic elements merged with the most disparate moderns.

All the interweaving of light, spaces, time, the voice of the Siberian Sainkho Namtchylak, has timbre characteristics that make it unique. Clear as spring water, it ranges from high-pitched sounds to more serious ones with a prodigious extension, acquires singular intensity for sudden changes of changes, alternates transparencies with dense and dark tones and with a stunning effect, it is poured with a double replica of tones joined together by a harmonious bond. The performance of this artist, who she selects is accompanied by traditional instruments of her land (tabla, duduk, small violin, wind chimes), a double bass, up to the most sophisticated technologies (synth, drum machine) is a mix of tradition and modernity, a journey that drawing on the Siberian popular musical roots crosses the sounds of yesterday and today.