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how to be clear and soft in Improvisation
Workshop of dance and improvisation open to all levels
With Sabine Parzer (Austria)

Schedule: Saturday 3 to 7pm, Sunday 10 to 1pm and 3 to 6pm.
Jam open to everybody Saturday from 9pm to 11.30pm.
Costs for the workshop: 120€ until February 20th and 140€ after that date.
Costs for the jam: 10€
Accommodation: 15€ with breakfast, it is possible to come before or staying longer.
Meals: 6€ for a organic-vegan meal.
The course will run with 12 people enrolled within February 20th

We will use: Contemporary Dance Improvisation, Contact Improvisation, Feldenkrais® Principles, Bodywork from different Methods, Applied Anatamy

In Improvisation we are faced with the challenges of dancing with a body that is responsive, reflexive and sends clear messages. We need a mind that is awake and intuitive, and we thrive on subtle and reflexive communication. In my dancing I notice that I am most efficient at these challenges, when I am in a state of „released tonus – acute awareness“.
This seemingly contradictory state plays an important role in the training of the healthy and powerful dancer I look to see on stage, in the workshop, in daily life.
How do we work within a soft tonus and articulate ourselves in strong, clear movements and intentions? In times of high risk, but also in times of boredom or „in between states of unclarity“, I am asked to active my potential of presence and intuitive knowledge of the body.

In this intensive we will investigate different approaches to achieve this state:
• Conscious breath and its effectiveness on movement qualities
• Touch qualities and how it relates to our tonus
• Accessing fascia and extending it into movement and contact
• Relating to the three dimensional possibilities of the spine
• Attending to the relationship between the pelvic and the shoulder girdle
• Being in contact with my partner through different states of attention
• Extending my range of motion and staying within my boundaries
• Taking risks and staying calm

Sabine Parzer (AT)
Is head and founder of the Holistic Dance Institute (founded 2010). In 2012 she also created the Contact Festival Austria, which she has been the artistic director of until 2017. Her professional experience spans 30 years of teaching, performing, choreographing and researching in the USA, Europe, Russia, Israel and Brazil.

Sabine has a Bachelor of Arts from Columbia College Chicago in Modern Dance, and an education in Systemische und Integrative Bewegungslehre® (an extended Feldenkrais® Training). The in depth practice of Contact Improvisation and Authentic Movement begins 1997. Ongoing trainings since 1995 in Kleintechnique, ZenBodytherapy®, Yoga, White Crane Silat, Rosen Method®, Kashmirian Massage, Psychotherapy and family constellations a.o.

Sabine is a dancer, choreographer, dancepedagogue, bodyworker, organizer and businessowner. In her institute dancers, artists, bodyworkers, social pedagogues and psychotherapists are trained in Holistic Dance Teachers Trainings, Advanced Teachers Trainings, Retreats and open workshops. She teaches regularly at international dancefestivals such as Impulstanz Vienna, Tanzfabrik Berlin, Tanzquartier Wien, Potsdamer Tanztage and has taught intensives at many contact festivals such as Israeli Contact Festival, Moscow Contact Festival, Kontakt Budapest, Contact in Rio de Janeiro, Osterimprofestival Göttingen, Ibiza Contact Festival and more.

Her choreographies and improvisational scores have been performed since 1990 in New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, Berlin, Moscow, Vienna, amongst other cities.
Between 1999 and 2013 she also worked as dancetherapist at a rehabilitation center for people after work and traffic accidents.
She is a mother of two children.